Heating and cooling account for almost half of your home's energy costs. Your attic is a major part of the problem—building up heat in the summer and losing it in the winter.
A SolarKool Solar Attic Fan keeps the air in your attic circulating, pulling hot air and moisture out of your attic all year round. In the summer, it helps keep your attic cooler, reducing the strain on your AC. In the winter, it helps prevent moisture build-up and ice damming, which can damage your roof and cause leaks. No matter the season, a SolarKool Attic Fan can extend the life of your roof, make the air in your home healthier, and lower your energy bills.
SolarKool Solar Attic Fans offer a simple, environmentally friendly way to protect your home and save money. These fans are powered completely by solar energy, so they cost nothing to operate—yet deliver big benefits. They’re sleek, compact, quiet, and powerful. And no matter what type of roof you have, be it shingle, shake, tile, or pitch, there’s a model to fit. SolarKool fans for residential and commercial use install directly on virtually any roof type. For gabled roofs, the fan mounts to your existing gable opening, and a roof-mounted remote solar panel provides the power.    

* Solar powered, so as long as there’s sun, you’ve got free power.
* Fits any roof pitch and adapts to most roofing systems.
* Low-profile design blends right in with your roofline.
* Keeps your attic cool and moisture free.
* Helps prolong the life of your roof.
* Helps reduce your energy spending.
    SolarKool Solar Attic Fans are so energy efficient that they qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits. And like all of our products, they come with a Lifetime Guarantee. When you buy a SolarKool Solar Attic Fan, you know you’re getting a top-of-the-line, eco-friendly solution that will last a lifetime.    

* High-impact, 24-watt solar panel delivers durability and power.
* Quiet, direct current motor comes with a lifetime warranty.
* Precision-balanced fan blades are made of non-corrosive aluminum.
* Solar panel bracket adjusts so you can capture as much sun as possible.
* High-quality flashing is made of commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum.
* Stainless steel screen prevents debris, birds, and pests from clogging the fan or entering your home.
* Installs quickly and easily, without wiring, structural changes, or repainting of your home.
* System is watertight, leak-proof, and maintenance free.

    Key Features