How Attic MLI Products Work

   If your home has an attic, chances are you’re losing much of your precious heat and air through it. That’s painful in terms of energy loss, wear and tear on your HVAC system, and costs.
   Chances are your attic already has insulation, but it may not be as well-protected as it could be. Traditional insulation can’t block all the heat that’s entering your home. That’s why you need KOOLBlanket Multi-Layered Insulation. Based on technology invented by NASA, and used to help insulate the Space Shuttle, KOOLBlanket provides a radiant barrier that blocks up to 97% of the unwanted radiant heat transfer in your attic.    

Walk into your attic in the summer, and it’s probably stuffy and unbearably hot. That’s because it’s heated by the radiant heat of the sun. Your roof shingles absorb the sun’s heat, then transfer it to the attic space that lies below. But it doesn’t stop there. The attic radiates that heat into your living space, raising the temperature. Then, your air conditioner needs to work overtime to cool the space down to your preferred temperature. In the winter, the nice warm air your heating system worked so hard to create, flows directly to your unheated attic, and right out through your roof. So, your heating system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.
How Heat Enters the Attic
Heat flows from warm to cool until there is no longer a temperature difference. The key, then, is to stop this flow. Traditional insulation, like fiberglass batting, bulky rock wool, rigid foam boards, or blown-in cellulose, works by absorbing heat; how much heat gets absorbed is determined by the insulation's “R-Value.” Once traditional insulation reaches its maximum heat absorption capabilities, heat flows throughout the home.
KOOLBlanket adds a reflective layer that helps block up to 97% of this unwanted heat transfer. You simply lay it on the attic floor over your existing attic insulation to reflect the heat back toward its source. There are other options available when installing our Multi-Layered Insulating products as well.

   Key Features

* Invented by NASA and used to help insulate their     Space Suits and the Space Shuttle
* Blocks up to 97% of unwanted radiant heat transfer
* Easy to install in an attic
* Works alongside traditional types of insulation
* Adds a radiant Aluminum barrier to keep your home more comfortable

* Keeps your home more comfortable year-round
* Helps make your home more energy efficient
* Lowers heating and cooling costs, so you save money
* Reduces wear and tear on HVAC equipment
* Helps raise the resale value of your home
KOOLBlanket Multi-Layered Insulation gives you a breathable way to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient year-round. And like all of our products, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your home will be comfortable for years to come.